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Refers to the increased jacking-off whilst at home in COVID19 isolation.
"I have corona but I also have the porn virus"
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by mouldlottery August 23, 2020

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A yeast infection of the vagina and tissues at the opening of the vagina. Usually caused by washing the pussy with soap and abrasive cleaners. The pussy then looks like a watermelon and the yeast produces a sweet watery substance. The sweet substance can be addicting, which is why guys get "high" after going down.
"Hey babe, I can taste that watermelon sugar, I think you need to see a doctor."
"Doctor! I think I have watermelon sugar."
"I have prescribed some antibiotics to treat your watermelon sugar".
by mouldlottery August 23, 2020

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A roommate who undergoes isolation from COVID19 with you. Due to the restrictions in social life, he may be the one that keeps you sane.
"I missed my girlfriend, but I am glad to have had my CoronaBro"
by mouldlottery August 24, 2020

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