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Phrase used exclusively in CS:GO by angry russians forgetting all sense of logic and stop thinking straight
Teammate: 'We're losing what are we gonna do?'
Angry russian : 'RUSH B CYKA BLYAT'
by persel1 September 09, 2020
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It's an expression used as a callout/strategy planning in CS:GO. It's commonly used in de_dust 2, a map from the aforementioned game.

B in "rush b" is a bomb plant spot, an objective in the game.

It's a phrase in it of itself.
Random CS:GO russian player: "Rush B Cyka Blyat"
by Aloxo Black October 07, 2020
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Rush B is a common term used in the game 'CS:GO' to direct your teammates into defeat and mental depression; the 'Cyka blyat' which followed is mainly used in Russia as greetings and pleadings.
Votka: Rush B Rush B
Ben: Ok, calm down my guy...
Votka: Rush B Cyka blyat!
by unknown unpopular comedian October 18, 2020
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